Risk Management

At Select Church Insurance, our agents have the experience and training to help you improve your church or ministry’s risk management practices. Equipped with an evaluation process that reflects their professional training and established agency procedures, our agents provide you with a customized risk review and insurance proposal that address property and staff-related issues, liability concerns, and financial matters. We’ll also work with you to develop a risk management plan that speaks specifically to the risks that your church or ministry may face.

Even when ministry leaders recognize the value of developing a risk management plan, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. Trying to address every aspect of your ministry at once could be overwhelming and discouraging. We understand the challenges you face. Allow us to help you manage them.

As part of our risk management service, our ministry specialists may:

  • Review ministry operations and activities.

  • Tour your facilities.

  • Document areas of high risk.

  • Recommend strategies to manage risks.

  • Coordinate risk control visits from your insurance carrier.

  • Provide you with free risk management tools to help you keep your ministry safe.

Our agents are professionally trained in a number of safety and risk management areas. What’s more, they have firsthand experience dealing with challenges that ministries face because of their involvement in their own churches, schools, summer camps, and other types of ministry.

Some specific areas of focus include:

  • Children’s and youth ministry.

  • Vehicles and drivers.

  • Finances and cash controls.

  • Safety and security.

  • Facilities and equipment .

  • Mission travel.


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