Legal Assist

Every day, ministries like yours face legal questions and challenges that can have a lasting effect on the people you serve. It can be difficult to find answers you trust. Our agency is pleased to bring you Legal Assist by Brotherhood Mutual, where you’ll find free, ministry-focused legal resources and services.

Today’s ministries often face difficult questions about how best to manage their operations in light of today’s legal environment—questions like:

  • “What would we do if our ministry were sued?”

  • “What issues should we consider if we decide to terminate an employee?”

  • “If a registered sex offender wanted to attend our church, what precautions should we consider?”

  • “How do we prepare for violence in the church?”

  • “How can we guard against liability related to church discipline?”

Whether or not you are a Brotherhood Mutual policyholder, you can find free, ministry-focused legal resources and services from Legal Assist.

The Legal Assist team at Brotherhood Mutual offers:

  • A clear understanding of ministry legal issues.

  • A desire to see your ministry’s legal issues resolved.

  • Personal responses.


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