Property and Liability

What Does Your Ministry Invest In?

People, and the community you serve, probably come close to the top of your list. Part of that investment includes keeping the families your ministry serves safe, as well as protecting your property and finances.That’s where Select Church Insurance comes in. Our insurance products are specifically designed to protect ministries like yours. Consider your insurance policy an investment in your ministry’s future.

Property Insurance

When your ministry’s property is damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen, your ministry suffers financially and in other ways, too. Select Church Insurance’s property insurance programs offer protection for physical things—your buildings, property, and belongings.We offer many endorsements including:   

  • Inflation guard: Automatically adjusts property values on an annual basis   
  • Bond: Pays for covered losses resulting from dishonest activity of personnel   
  • Equipment breakdown: Pays for property losses that are the result of a sudden or accidental breakdown of equipment

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance fills in the gaps and protects your ministry's people and finances. Basic liability coverage provides protection for claims of bodily injury or property damage liability. Enhanced liability coverages include:   

  • Personal injury liability   
  • Specialized emotional injury liability   
  • Teacher/governing board liability

Select Church Insurance offers many other liability protection options, including sexual acts liability, counseling acts liability, directors and officers liability, and computer-related liability.

Excess Liability Insurance

Churches and related ministries aren't immune to legal action, or the millions of dollars in damages that courts are known to award. That's why Select Church Insurance offers optional excess liability coverage to provide an 'umbrella' of protection over your ministry's primary liability coverages—general, vehicle, and employers' liability coverage.

What's Right for Your Ministry?

Your Select Church Insurance agent can walk you through the various coverage options and limits, to create the right insurance protection for your ministry.


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